"I am powerful because I am in charge of my destiny."
- Clare T.
"I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly me."
- Lilly L.
"I believe that what you believe for yourself is true."
- Lauren F.

Transformation Comes In Many Forms...

Shaun T’s Transformation Weekends are designed to help you build internal and external strength, create confidence and live a happier, healthier life while being immersed into a completely positive and energetic ecosystem. Shaun T curates each getaway weekend based on pre-interviews with attendees so that the weekend fully aligns with what you need.


Shaun T will help you create a stronger internal you, breaking through internal barriers so that you feel empowered to act on the confidence to accomplish ANYTHING. Get ready to push your limits physically, while being mentally motivated to become your strongest self. You conquer the weekend by leaving accomplished with your personal fitness to the next level. Lastly, rest and recalibration is a must. The best way to learn how to practice self-care is to be immersed in an experience where self-care is required. Get ready to transform.

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