Courses by Shaun T

7 Day Jumpstart

Have you ever felt like you just needed a partner to help get you started on your new fitness journey or to launch a new goal.  I get it, starting something by yourself is tough!   That's why I created this 7 Day Jumpstart program....


A Week of Meditation by Shaun T

#Truthbomb "Fit doesn't have a size, fit has a mentality." - Shaun T And that's exactly what this is about. Most of you know me as the "fitness guy" and while I love that you allow me to inspire me to move your body, this series is about ma...


Living Your Best Life

Inside my Living Your Best Life Course, filled with daily motivation, you will learn how to mentally make the shift to realize why taking care of yourself and being positively selfish is your secret weapon to transform your life. This da...


Join The Ongoing Key by Shaun T

This is The Ongoing Key to your transformation. Each month, Shaun T will help you uncover your potential while giving you specific steps to motivate you to BE the change. We'll talk about how to break the yo-yo, instigate change, become more ...


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