The SafeSpace by Shaun T

The SpaceSpace is a real time space for health, hope, motivation and inspiration, no matter where you are on your life journey, created by Shaun T to help you dig deeper within your inner self. We'll talk about how to break the yo-yo, instigate change, become more mentally and physically fit and have unstoppable confidence to be a more powerful you.

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THE SAFESPACE COMMUNITY: This community, created by Shaun T, is a private space where members of Shaun T’s FitFam can find support, encouragement, positivity and exclusive access to Shaun T with regular Q&A sessions as well as livestreams with Shaun.

MONTHLY SELF-CONFIDENCE TRAINING: Each month, sit with Shaun T as he gives you action steps to make yourself a priority to have unstoppable self-worth.

ONE-ON-ONE GUEST TRAININGS: Join Shaun T & guest to cover topics such as Gut Health, Intermittent Fasting, Getting Out of a Rut, The Importance of Therapy and Healthing + more.

APPAREL: Take advantage of 15% off your fav’s from Shaun T Apparel, always.

LIVE EVENTS: Enjoy complimentary first access to all events hosted by Team Shaun T.

MOVEMENT: Exclusive Hybrid Workout Calendars, created by Shaun T

BONUS: Watch the replay of Shaun T Transforms America, 7 keynote presentations, given by Shaun T as he toured across the country speaking on his 7 Superpowers and how you can use them to transform your life.


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