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About Shaun T Inc. & Team Shaun T

Our mission at Shaun T Inc. is to inspire people to realize their full potential by promoting positivity through health, fitness, and motivation. Founded by Shaun T, celebrity fitness trainer, choreographer, and creator of INSANITY, MAX:30, Focus T25, The Asylum, Hip Hop Abs, and Rockin' Body, our goal is to help you DEFINE YOUR LIFE. The driving force behind everything we do is positivity. We believe that the people in your life are an extension of who you are and a reflection of who you will become; therefore, it is our goal to enrich the lives around us with positivity in building a supportive community of inspiration and integrity focused on the betterment of our physical, mental, and emotional individuality. Through innovation, commitment, and accountability, our focus is to help you TRUST AND BELIEVE in yourself in an effort to become the best YOU possible!

Learn more and follow at @TeamShaunT or @ShaunT on social!


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